• How To Pack Your Car Seat For Travel.

    Posted by Dominique Bothma

    If you are going on a family trip that will require you to use a car for transport once at your destination, It may be a good idea to take your car seat with you. This will eliminate the headache of trying to find a suitable rented car seat or having to buy a new one. Most airlines will let you take your car seat with you as checked in luggage. It is always best to confirm this with the airline you are flying with and what their requirements are.


    Here is a step by step guide on how to pack your car seat safely to make sure it is not damaged.

    STEP 1: Get a sturdy, double walled box. This box should be correctly sized to your seat. If you do not have the original box, you can call the manufactures for these details. * Please contact info@hauck.co.za for box dimensions for all Hauck car seats.

    STEP 2: Bubble wrap the seat. 2 layers should be sufficient and secure with tape.

    STEP 3: It is always a good idea to use additional packaging products such as, packaging peanuts. This could be useful if you know that your seat will be changing planes during your journey.

    STEP 4: Fragile stickers or even better, Fragile tape is an absolute must!

    STEP 5: You have now done all you can for your seat packaging wise. Now the last thing to consider is to insure your car seat for the duration of your trip or not. It is always advisable to do so.



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  • Acrobat XL Plus Trio Set wins the Red Dot Award

    Posted by Dominique Bothma


    We have done it and we are delighted to be the winners of this globally renowned design prize.

    Our iCoo Acrobat XL Plus Trio held its own against 5,500 entries from 54 nations to win the Red Dot Award for innovative product design.
    Only premium products of very high quality win this award. The international award jury assesses the level of innovation, quality, function and many other criteria. This seal is only awarded to products whose design stands out from the market.

    Our designers, engineers and technical experts have produced some excellent work. We would like to thank them for their creativity and for trying so hard to harmonise high-end design and technical requirements. Mr Mitzmann from London, the firm Flavoureyes in the Netherlands and our own engineers and technical experts have worked together for hours to come up with something very special.

    The stylish Acrobat XL Plus Trio Set is a fascinating mix of high-quality fabrics, attractive colors, versatile functions and the ultimate in comfort.

    The extremely lightweight set offers individual uses from the very beginning. Carrycot, Isofix-enabled car seat and convertible sports seat, including leg cover, make the Acrobat XL Plus Trio Set the perfect companion anywhere, not just during the day, but also at night-time, when the LED lights show the way. The buggy fits into the smallest space once it has been compactly folded down with one hand.

    A flamboyant buggy set for all fashion-conscious parents. Now available in South Africa for Pre-Orders >>  https://www.hauck.co.za/products/pre-sale-acrobat-xl-plus-trio-set 


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